Killing Time!

This I do solemnly swear oh lord,

next granny who stops in front of me blocking the aisle with her cart, and goes into a trance, I will kill.

Next screaming brat who charges headfirst into me or my cart, I will kill.

Next brainless bimbo on a cell phone, blocking the aisle with her cart as she discusses the contents of the store and/or her sex life with another brainless bimbo, I will kill.


OK, two more cigarettes, one more beer, then it’s back to the killing fields. :(

Merry Christmas everyone. :D

You really don’t like republicans do you??!!

Add to the list people going out of the wrong door while I’m coming in. Marked or not you go in the right and exit thru the right. Idiots.

Also add sick people who leave kleenex in the cart and wipe their hands on the cart.

Add people who walk on the wrong side of the isle.

And people who block the isle with their cart and then upon seeing you do nothing. I had to give someone a brain adjustment for this one just the other day.

Problem is the times we live in. Most of these people would have died in farm accidents in the old days!

Bah Humbug.

12,000 Iraqi policemen have died since we set Iraq free. Feel the love. Praise Jesus.