Kim Jong 'Mentally' Ill supports Kerry

Allah is pleased

N. Korea plays a waiting game — for the outcome of U.S. election

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

North Korea has put off further negotiations on its nuclear program with five other nations until after the Nov. 2 U.S. presidential elections, intelligence officials say.

The North Koreans believe they will have an easier time negotiating with a new administration headed by Sen. John F. Kerry, who has said publicly he would begin direct U.S.-North Korea talks if elected president. The Bush administration has rejected bilateral talks with Pyongyang, based on North Korea’s violation of the 1994 Agreed Framework, which was a product of similar one-on-one talks.

See my friends, dictators and communists around the world
are supporting our candidate - John Kerry.
Allah is much pleased !!!

Ali bin Gali