kinda cool...not that cool

I think?!..

Hey Duuuudes,

how ya all been doing?

Just a quickie to share some news with you all, I had an email from the chap who scouted me on behalf of ‘Ardvarc records’ requesting that I give him my phone number as he wanted to tell me something, so… I had a call from ‘the states’. He basically said that they love me and everything about me and will be in touch later in the week to have an in-depth discussion!


apparently…it could be really cool…or really not cool…so I am trying to keep my cool.

I know that they may not be offering anything I want and that they may try to take me for a a ride, I know that they are not a ‘big record lable’ etc etc etc…

BUT…Ruddy hell…I can finally say that
clears thought

"I Angela Mary Hardy Have indeed got a record label interested in me"

(it may stand for nothing but it sounds good dunnit!)

Loves ya x

Sounds good to me Ange. You know what to look out for and plenty of people on here with experience. Good look Angela Mary hardy :) :agree: :agree:

Ooooh boy I hope this turns out! Be wary, but I hope this really comes through for you! :agree:

Don’t say anything about the ‘Ant Farm’ you used to have.

Purple congrats.

‘Ant Farm?!’ Am I being slow? … (well obviously I am as I don’t get it…did I mention that I was born blonde? is that excuse valid over there?)

Ange x

ooooooohhhhhhhhh Now I get it!

(now that it’s too late to delete the other post)



Ants and ardvarcs…

ha! you so funny!

I think it’s way cool Ange!

I, for one, am not at all surprised. Rather, that there have not been more.

Knock 'em dead, Ange!

wasn’t it aardvark that had something to do with Levi? or was that someone else?


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Bad hair day? I have had a bad hair YEAR thus far... So I know the feeling...


Hello forum! Long time lurker, first time poster :wink: Ange’s elusive Rob here.

Ange is too busy trying to work out whether to be excited or not to actually write a meaningful post.

Aardvark have called and they’re evidently very interested. Not sure what to make of it really, here’s a few areas on-line where I’ve found them (because, let’s face it - there official website is pretty shoddy!):

Your thoughts forum folk? The production quality of the tracks seems good; and they’ve said their first step will be to set Ange up with a local producer…


popps…my head’s in bits!

Cool Ange!!!

Go girl!! Just remember us when you’re at those posh awards!! :agree:


Are they just talking about producing and marketing an album, or do they want the publishing as well? If all they are going to own is the recording itself, it could end up being a very good deal for you. I’m sure Poppa knows a lot more than I do, so you should definitely get his input.

Yes. Be very careful with what “rights” you “sell”. Think about it for a minute… The “hot” artists come and go. The great song writers keep getting those royalty checks month after month after month after… You get the idea. I have a friend who had ONE song that “made it”. Not ‘big’ mind you… but BMI sends him a check every quarter. It’s not much since it wasn’t a smash hit but anyway…


Yep - I still get PRS monies from song releases in England from waaay back.

Either you, or maybe have Rob take it on, need to get you registered with PRS if not already.

I don’t know how PRS handles Publishing companies, but It’s the same with publishing, make up three or four company names and apply for PRS registration and sign all the songs into your own publishing company. This is KEY! Publishing is where they all make their money. Every label has their own publishing house. Most producers do, and even A&R guys and gals. Everyone will want that pie! Use it to deal with. “Well you know I have all the publishing on my songs.” Will let them know right off you’re not fresh off the turnip truck and will have to be dealt with. Most writer/artists give this up right away but the smart ones keep a share, and as their clout grows they keep more and more or all the publishing. Songs have value. Copyrights are key. Artists make nothing when their songs are played on the radio (they’re trying to change that by the way) but writers and publishers do. Sales is for the artist. Guess where all the airplay money goes? To the publisher! They are supposed to split it 50/50 with the writers, but even that gets hi-jacked at times.

Also never ever sign a contract for a term over 3 years with 2 one year options. Keep contracts on a single song basis if possible.

Anyway - just search the net for sample songwriting contracts and be smart and educate your self somewhat on the business end. Remember this is the music business. Music and business. You can have all the music in the world but don’t forget it’s business too. Music, Business. Got it?!

PRS first - then the world!

Listen to Poppa Ange. Also, if these guys keep talking “seriously” to you, find yourself a reputable attorney that specializes in the music industry. He/she might keep you from making a huge mistake.

Seriously, you may get all “chummy” with someone and collab on a project and think “Oh all is well… Peaches and cream!” When MONEY enters the picture though… your “Chum” may become a BUM!

Tread carefully dear heart!