Kings of the Telecaster

Parfitt & Rossi hit town

After all of the Telecaster discussions recently. The real Kings of the Tele :) hit Dubai on Wednesday night (17th May). Rick Parfitt is the ultimate rythmn player and the perfect foil for the licks master Rossi. I will be there but, in deference to my advancing years, I’ve opted for the drink as much as you can VIP ticket.
40 years in the business and the boys can still do it without looking ridiculous like the " gather no moss" crew,


Ian, Enjoy!!!

I’ve seen Quo a couple of times in the last 20 years. Fantastic shows.

Full report required please!!


It should be good. Their new(ish) drummer suits them better than any other since Coughlan. IMO, of course :)


Ahh, it only seems like ten years ago I went to their 30th anniversary.

Mind you, Rossi had less hair then :D