lag during playback

tracks drift during playback

Hi. I’m a new member currently using the evaluation version of n-track. After recording two tracks, when I play them back they start off ok but drift apart as the song goes on. I have a home built PC. with 1 gig ram and a 1.6 gig processor. My soundcard is an audigy SE. I use windows xp home. My PC. HAS AN 80 GIG HARD DRIVE. I’m totally blind and use a screen reader for my PC. so I don’t use the mouse with the program only keyboard shortcuts. Can anyone tell me exactly what to do to fix this lag problem. I want to buy the program but not until I’m sure I can get this streightened out. Also, is the demo fully functioning, or am I missing anything and if so, what. thanks for any hemp you can offer. musicman1, Joe.

Sounds like the old “48khz soundblaster problem” to me. I’m not sure if this generation of Audigy suffered from the same problem but it’s worth a try. Set n-track to record at 48kHz sample rate instead of 44.1khz; record some new tracks and see if things are better.

Another thing to try is to untick “use system timer” for recording and playback in the preferences.

I’ve just realised that it would help Joe if we could give him the keyboard shortcuts to get to these settings. I’ve got to go out right now so perhaps someone can fill in the blanks. If not I’ll try to get back to this later.