Lag, Latency, Pops when using effects

mixing problems

Ever since i’ve bought the upgrade i have latency problems when mixing and pops no matter where my buffers are set…I have a Mackie Onyx 1620 with firewire and an Intel Celeron D processor 3.46 Ghz and 2Gig of memory…What am i doing wrong????? Also after recording tracks and then adding more to the same mix, they are not in sync…never had this problem with version 3.0…why don’t you offer that download anymore and where can i get it????

The forum always seem to manage to mangle that link. Try the link from this page:…ersions

Have you checked out the Mackie forum? I’ve been looking at getting an Onyx 1640 and have cruised their forum for the past several months. Here is a link for troubleshooting the pops and clicks for Onyx users……=000937

I hope this helps.