Lag observations

Just an observation I made regarding lag and the “use system timer on playback/recording” checkboxes (see below). Anybody experienced the same? Or is this just incidental? I’m using an Audiophile 2496 with WDM drivers. n-Track build 2162.

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Yesterday I was recording some tracks on a song that I’ve been working on every now and then for a few weeks. At first all seemed fine, but after 4 or 5 tracks (10-12 audio tracks total) I noticed that the last recorded track was lagging way behind on playback (0.5 sec?). The recording of this track was, as opposed to the first tracks, not started from the beginning of the song. So, I tried recording a new track from the beginning, but no, the lag was still there. I restarted n-track, but with the same result. Then I dived into the preferences menu. I noticed the system timer checkboxes (both recording and playback) were unchecked. So I turned the system timer on, recorded a new track and… the lag was gone! After that I recorded 4 other tracks, and all seems to work just fine.

Think it’s working now! After switching back to ASIO drivers I’m now able to record in perfect sync… Well, I also installed the latest n-Track build, reset preferences to default, installed newer drivers for my Audiophile 2496 soundcard, deactivated the Soundblaster Audigy card and are now recording without any MIDI-tracks in the song (not just muting the tracks). So, hard to say what exactly was the problem. Did a test recording with 28 tracks a few days ago, and no sync problems occured. Also, the track count for the song I’m currently working on has grown to 35, without any tracks lagging behind. :)

Glad you’re good. Sorry we missed your post earlier. Yes, we almost always want those two boxes checked, though unchecked is the default. My theory is that unchecked is most likely to work with the widest variety of built-in soundcards, but for most folks with aftermarket cards checked is necessary. Thus the default not being the right setting for serious users.

The only reason to uncheck those boxes is if your setup doesn’t work that way.

It seems I get better performance out my system (EMU 1820M) with those un-checked… go figure… Not necessarily “lag” problems but less general weirdness.


Interesting, could someone tell me where in preferences I find this?


On the “Options” tab in the Preferences dialog.


I’ve had a similar lag issue with recorded tracks. I’m not sure what my system timer settings were. It happened after a few or several tracks.