Lame Encoder vs BladeEnc?

I’ve been using ntrack v5 (which seemed to prefer the BladeEnc). Now switching to v6 (which seems to prefer the Lame Encoder - due to check box in options).

I notice the following when I run BladeEnc (in it’s default config)

Input: 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo.
Output: 128 kBit, stereo.

I noticed that the lame encoder is using VBR and that the files (even at the lowest level of quality) are significantly larger than the BladeEnc 128k files.

I haven’t spent a lot of time trying to hear a difference in quality, but in passing I haven’t hear any significant difference.

So I’m wondering why the move to using the larger (lame encoded VBR MP3) files?

And is there a way to configure ntrack v6 so that it uses BladeEnc instead of Lame?


Lame is a superior MP3 encoder and I believe Blade development is dead. You have the choice in the NTrack conversion box to choose the quality of the MP3 thus adjusting the size of the resultant file. Don’t see the problem…