Language of the desktop

which languages are possible

I prefere a Desktop in my motherlanguage, because English is a foreign language for me and several words without a sentence are not clear.
I need to work with my dictionary instead to work with the n-track studio.
Is a desktop in German avalaible?



Microsoft sells a German language version of Windows…many languages actually. You’ll probably have to find that as the strings are localized when the code is compiled.


I don’t think that a German language GUI is available for n-Track Studio. Perhaps you could contact Flavio at the Support page and suggest it. He is always open to ideas from users.

But, please keep in mind that Flavio is only one man. He would have to find someone to translate it and then create a German language GUI (Desktop).


Feel free to post and ask us what phrases mean. Sure, that’s not as good as a GUI in your language, but it’s the best we can do to help!