Lapel microphones

I took on a project called Mr Sage’s Stories that will hit the webbernet this spring.
A local well know story teller who does first thru 5th grade story telling who is branding and marketing his stories and creative process, and is currently presenting them live in classrooms. Because he does so much of it, I sugested he buy a recorder and mic to hit the road with and let me edit and compile his stories for cd and web download sales.
He did not take my advice. I told him to buy an H2, He bought this instead.


Now we need a good quality lapel mic for it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yikes! he spent $400 and it only comes with a condenser mike?

Try over at

More specifically:
lapel mics

That’s a nice machine… I’m looking at the Marantz PMD 620 with the Sweetwater catalogue I have… The PMD620… it’s called…There are six units/models shown on that page… The only one on that page that doesn’t have built-in mics is, the m-Audio MicroTrack 11

I don’t see any detail on the PMD 620… (Regarding the external Mic Inputs)… It doesn’t appear that the external mic inputs include Phantom Power… From what the Sweetwater Catalogue shows…

You can say all-you-like… That Zoom H2 for the price looks just great… for what-you-get…


thanks guys - after reading the on-line manual we may not need an external mic.