Laptop Dual Config ???

How do I do this???

I use my laptop for several things including recording with N-Track. Could someone point me to clear instructions on how to set up a dual boot (Hopefully not two different XP boot partitions) setup so I can configure one for N-Track and the other for general use.

I already went to the Music XP page and made those changes to my laptop, but it causes issues for normal use. I would rather have two profiles (Hardware, and software) if necessary to make life easier!


Have you investigated Hardware Profiles in WinXP? I’d be more comfortable using a different hardware profile for each use on a laptop. Maybe do a little research in the XP Help System or at MS support website?

Installing dual boot partitions on a laptop can be a PITA… avoid the whole schmozzle by setting up hardware profiles IMO.


I just went thru this over on Audiominds and I ended up using hardware profiles and user accounts. For my DAW hardware profile I disabled all the internet connections and other things I didn’t need for a DAW then in my user profiles I set up just the software I needed for that and it’s working great.