Laptop with no Line In

HP Pavilion

So,I just acquired an HP laptop that I installed n-track on, but lo and behold, it has no line in, just a Mic in and headphone jack.

How common is this? How do I connect my mixer to this laptop?

Do I need a line-in to USB device?

I say go firewire and save yourself alot of hassle. Onbard soundcards suck (as do many usb interfaces), plain and simple. (Sorry for the harshness…but its better I am harsh rather than your soundcard) :D

Presonus Firebox:

Ever since my company retired my outdated and slow, but completely functional NEC Versa Laptop and replaced with the HP Pavillion that only boots under the right atmospheric conditions and lunar phase, I’ve had a cold and lonely place in my heart of HP Laptops. So, with this in mind, I present the correct diagnostic and repair procedure for all HP Laptops:


1 Credit card (preferably with a high credit limit and someone else’s name)
1 10lb Sledge Hammer.
1 Tree stump.


Dustpan and Brush for cleanup after repair operation.


1. Call Alienware PC Vendor and order top-of-the-line PIV 4.0 Extreme Edition Laptop with all the goodies.
2. Place HP Pavillion on tree stump.
3. Raise sledgehammer over head, and with one smooth graceful motion accelerate the sledgehammer to mach-1 in a graceful arch over your shoulder and land the head of the hammer directly on the nasty little logo in the middle of the lid.
4. Repeat step 3 until no recognizable components remain, or until frustration is reduced to tolerable levels.
5. Pick laptop shrapnel from body and face, dress and disinfect wounds.
6. The Pavillion laptop should now be fully repaired and ready for use as dustbin filler. Employ the dustpan and brush to remove any remaining shards of HP goodness and deposit in dustbin.
7. Breathe a sigh of relief that the nightmare is over.
8. Await delivery of new Alienware top-o-the-line laptop.

Not responsible for personal injury and your mileage may vary.

Sorry for polluting the forum with my personal loathing of all things HP/Compaq - But ever since I got saddled with the HP “Craptop” I’ve had a very frustrating time with work.

Deep breath 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


Yikes, chutz, hope that was cleansing. I do share your opinion on Compaq, terrible Customer Service in my experience.

However, I did not PAY for this laptop, so I gotta make do with what I got. Is there some inexpensive device that takes a line-in signal to a USB?

Well chutz certainly has one suggestion to solve the “problem”! ROFL :D :D

There are tons of USB interfaces out there from about $79 and up. I’ve had great luck with a Tascam US-122 I got for my son. I “steal” it every now and then for location recording with a Dell lappy. Works great. Check it out. Then there is the M-Audio stuff, Edirol, Audiotrak, Lexicon Omega, Mackie Spike… just go to and scope 'em out. Then watch EvilBay for a good deal.


PS I find chucking the offending hardware at a large roadside sign while travelling in excess of 100 miles per hour is just as satisfying and gets it over with much faster. Just keep an eye out fer the fuzz. :D