Last Day

A collab through, ended up with two slightly different endings… heh. let me know which one you guys like! and of course any other comments and criticism are welcome

The original version is up here with lyrics
"Last Day"

The second version can be found here


I’m not a member of soundclick, so I couldn’t hear the “original”. I don’t feel like registering at the moment. I like the tune, though. I’m not a big fan of the drawn out guitar solo at the end. Kind of takes away from the song/seems out of place.


hey phil, you don’t have to be a member to hear the song on soundclick, just click on Hi-fi play and it’ll stream. but in any case, I’ve also posted the original version on it doesn’t have the guitar solo at the end and maybe you’ll like that one better


I think I might like it better sans solo at the end. Great acoustic sound, by the way. how’d you mic it?

I mic’ed it with a large diaphram condensor I think a little bit up the neck and pointing at the sound hole, and layered two takes together. I think the layering was what made it sound good…