last hope for gadget labs/ card?

hey guys im back! those that remember me

hey guys. long time no see. ive still got the old gaget labs 824. i recently upgraded that machine (asus, AMD 1.2, ata100 7200 hd, 256 ram) with a video capture card but had to move to win2k. i tried the 2000/nt driver 1.09 but i get massive glitching. there is sound but it sounds like a machine gun. been a while since ive really messed with a DAW… any tips on tweaking win2k?

otherwise, shes goin on ebay an im getting a new 8 ch. card…any suggestions? something less than $500 maybe?

There’s a group on Yahoo that have some drivers, including some recent drivers from a clever guy who’s apparently been able to reverse-engineer the drivers.

Do a Google for “Gadget Labs User Group” - I think there’s another site or two that have drivers.

hey archie

i found that site. thats where i got the win2k drivers. apparently they have working xp drivers. i saw dimmer77 over there. ugh, not sure if i want to try xp. its a hauppauge pvr 150. im starting to wonder if the card is bad. my bios says unknown pci device. never seen that before.

Since your 824 worked before, I would suggest you find an older PC to try it on, just to make sure it isn’t an issue with the new PC.

Maybe its just me, but I find that the new PCs seem to ge worse and worse when it comes to getting premium sound cards to work without glitches. I long for the PC I had 4 years ago (Celeron 300a, ABIT BH6 … someone stole it) - stuff just WORKED in it with no hassles. I had a Gadget Lab 496 in it.

It may just be that older stuff like the 824, Lexicon Core 2, etc, just plain don’t work well in current systems, and you just have to buy a current multichannel card to match the PC.

Maybe you can find an old used PC that the 824 is happy in. Put in a removable hard disk, use the old PC for multichannel recording, then move the drive over to your "modern’ PC with a good stereo card and do your overdubs and mixing there.

i think ill have to do something like that. ive just got win2k pro running on here with a old ensoniq audiopci. my ati video/capture card and dvd apps and whole PC are working better than ever! hooray for win2k. i might not even need the new capture card. it never did work and im not going to try XP just for that stupid thing.

what apps should apper in zone alarm? services and controller app, and system sub spooler?.. is this a win2k thing?

edit: i guess so… google is wonderful!

yeah, i recently purchased a new system, had planned to stay on win 2000 with the gl 824 card (which i had working ok on my old p3), but decided to give xp and this beta driver a shot (asio has much better latency).

fyi, i decided to run a dual boot system, so i was able to mess around with xp and the new driver without much worry… could always format and resintall win2000 on my “recording” os partition if it wasn’t working out.

anyways, it did work out. i tweaked xp down to a minimum, and got the gl 824 running pretty good with n-track 3.3 (whatever the last version of ntrack 3 was). any problems haven’t been bad enough to cause me to go back to win2000.

if you decide to give xp and this driver a try… a few things to note: there is no control panel yet, synching multiple cards takes a bit of work, and the spdif card and midi are not supported yet.

if you are looking for some ideas on how to cut some of the fat out of your win2000 or winxp install to get rid of glitchy (cracking, popping, skipping) audio, i might be able to help.

the reason i do the dual boot thing is so i can have a clean win install with NOTHING ELSE running that might interfere or try to steal cpu cycles away while i’m tracking :wink: for instance… networking, internet, messenger, virus scan, screen savers, any useless background tasks, etc… NONE of these are installed on the OS… so little else is running when i’m recording… and i get glitch free audio (mostly) :wink:

hey great. glad to see some of you old timers lurking around…

looks like im going with XP. i found that the capture card likes XP and nothing else. thats the good thing working in a lab with lots of various pcs…they are my guinea pigs! :angry:

this sure is a great hope for the GL cards! midi? who cares?! lol

might have to pick up another off ebay. they are getting real cheap.

so XP and the gadget seem to work rather well dimmer? as good as win 98?

are you using WDM drivers or asio?

oh hey dimmer… did you do some music back when call altered?

so XP and the gadget seem to work rather well dimmer? as good as win 98?
well, i never did use 98. from day one it was gl 824 and win 2000, which i had issues with for the longest time... until i decided to dual boot and dedicate an os install and partition to my gl card and n-track. from then on, the gl and win 2000 was "acceptable". latency was crap, had to increase buffers which made it hard to have alot tracks with fx, etc. also an issue with windows not seeing the card sometimes :p

anyways, i upgraded my computer and my os to xp at the same time... the gl is working VERY nicely with the new driver and xp, on my p4 2.8ghz and 1gb ram. with the dedicated os install, i have yet to have a crackle or pop in the recording (i get a bit of that crackling during playback when i'm pushing the number of tracks and fx, but nothing in the actual recordings).

are you using WDM drivers or asio?
asio. wdm on this new driver/xp doesn't work for me for some reason and i didn't bother to troubleshoot it. the guys working with the new driver basically say asio all the way... if asio doesn't work, THEN try wdm, etc.

oh hey dimmer... did you do some music back when call altered?
not sure what you're talking about....? "call altered"? i've been using n-track for years, but i still feel too young to be called an "old timer" :O

EDIT: since you talked about picking up more gl cards, i will repeat that i'm not sure how easy it is to make the new xp driver sync the cards. they say it can be done, but once upon a time it was a bit of a process to do with this driver.

EDIT 2: another thing to repeat... i am using n-track 3.3 and have not tested the xp driver with the latest n-track.

ha ha i meant youve been on here since like 2000 or so.

someone back then had a band called “Altered”. i thought it was you. i still listen to a song from him(them).

man, sure seems like a lot of people are MIA around here.

yeah… i’ve been on and off the board for quite awhile… been through countless forum wipes and account re-creations :wink: hopefully one day i will be able to begin giving back what i’ve taken from this forum…

and no, never been involved in anything called “altered” before…

YAY!!! I installed winXP SP2 and wham. My video capture card works great and the gadget labs is performing flawless!!

Good day. Im having a pint (or 2) of homebrew to celebrate.

Much thanks to Mostek for writing XP drivers. So far it seems to be good. Well see once i fire up 8 tracks.