Latency in recorded track

Problem with latency

System: N-track studio, ada8000, Terratec ews 88 d, WinXP

I have problem when i record track while playing back earlier tracks. After recording when i listen all tracks together that last track comes with little latency. That problem pops up sometimes without any reasonable couse. Like today i first recorded guitar tracks about one hour without problems and then suddenly pops up that latency. I booted program and computer couple of times but nothing helps. I played with recording and playback latencys in ‘buffering settings’ and latency disappeared but again after hour it came again. I don´t understand. Could anyone tell me is the problem in Computer (AMD 1900+, 512Mb), in software settings or in hardware settings. I´m not sure am i use correct ASIO settings.

Other question concernig latencys. Is it normal that i have to use very low buffering if i want to decrease latency to livable level. Do i have too low memory (512 Mb) or is there any tricks i could do to decrease latency without lowering buffer.

First, let’s clarify some terms. While you can use “latency” to describe the synchronization problem you’re having here, I prefer (as most of us here do) to use “sync” for that, and reserve “latency” to talk about the delay between playing a note and hearing it in the monitors.

First, low latency (as I use the term) is only important if you’re using n-Track in “LIVE” mode. You’d only do this if you were using plugins like Amplitube or Guitar Rig, so you can monitor your affected guitar sound rather than the raw input. (You’d also want low latency using a MIDI keyboard and a software synth, for the same reason.) It is indeed necessary to configure low buffering settings in the ASIO driver to get lowest latency.

However, it should NOT be necessary to configure low buffering settings to keep tracks in sync.

On the other hand, sometimes you can use low buffering to minimize this problem. Usually in that case it’s better to investigate further and try to correct the problem.

512MB memory is quite enough – that’s not the problem.

First, however, have you downloaded the latest drivers from the manufacturer? Don’t bother with the drivers that came with the product; they’re usually out of date.

Second, this might not help but it’s best anyway: in Preferences -> Options, uncheck both boxes labled “Use system timer for”.

I know there are others but I don’t recall them at the moment. I think I posted on this issue just last week, so search the other topics for a similar problem.

I have pretty much the same problem with my rig(750 Duron, 704 MB, Win XP, EWS88D & ADA8000). When I record for example 8 tracks at once and then play them back, some of the tracks(this is totally random) are out of sync by about half a second. I will try unchecking the system timer boxes since I do recall they were checked, but is there something else that I should know about that causes this kind of problems?

Yow, that doesn’t sound good at all. Using the latest drivers for the Terratec, right?

Man… I was pulling my hair out last night trying to figure out the the heck was going on… I’ve got the same trouble with my new MOTU 828 MKII… Several hours of uninstalling/reonstalling both nTrack and the MOTU drivers and tweking to no avail… What if finally gets down to for me is that the first mic input works fine, but the second mic input is off by a second or so… It became obvious when I plugged my acoustic direct into mic-1 and also mic’d it via mic-2; the track were recorded at the same time, but were out of sync… The frustrating part is that it doesn’t do it all the time; only sometimes. Grrrr.

I’m thinking about sending the dumb thing back… unless someone has a better idea?

Some things that I’ve learned about my MOTU today:

1-SIR reverb was the root of my “delayed track” problem. I had it running in a aux channel, when I removed it, the problem went away. When I put it back, the problem returned. The problem did not occour if I put the n-Track reverb into the aux channel.

2-When recording more then 2-4(?) tracks, it is best not to have FruityLoops running as a VSTI. Render the FL track to a .wav file and insert it into the timeline, then remove the FL channel. This got rid of my snaps, and stuttering when recording 10 tracks at a time while monitoring 5-6 already recorded tracks.

3-The MOTU seems to like the WDM drivers better than the ASIO driver. But then again, it’s been a long last night and all day today getting to the root of my troubles…

4-Probably gonna keep the MOTU.


With my MOTU 828, I have different problems with ASIO than I do with WDM on my laptop. But I’m convinced it’s all software unrelated to the MOTU itself, because once upon a time it all worked flawlessly in either mode, even recording 10 channels at once. Since then – a gazillion MS HotFix installations, because the computer belongs to my employer and they’re concerned about security. Arrgh. I’ll be upgrading to XP soon, and hopefully all will be well again!

Hi Jeff:
I’ve been existing with all this sense I’ve had the Lexicon Core 32 stuff in my studio… I have 24 tracks of Lexicon LDI-10T A/D and D/A converters… I worked out what the Sample Latency was and installed it in the n-Track preference Latency Combinsation’s Box… in Falvio’s first build that addressed the issue… Everything worked fine till I transported the tracks to another studio… All #### Broke loose… Lexicon stopped their development of Drivers on the Core-32 System, when they parted ways with Steinburg… Both of those companies took a “Big Hit”… in the pants, in the DAW World, when that happened… Way-Back_When… Me… and the Stienburg Canada People, had better not see each other is the same room, again… I don’t care if it’s an AES Convention, or not…

The Bill Gates People never did address the Latency Issues… with Audio Productions… ??? :O in their Operating Systems… As much as I know…


I don’t know if this is relevant to this specific situation but I get a little latency quite often and I just spread the waves out till the beat is prominent and move the wave around that’s out of sync until it is in sync because I know I sang or played in sync and all is good. it’s just a delayed recording.
Cruiser ???

It definitely shouldn’t be necessary, cruiser. If tracks are out of sync, something’s wrong with software or hardware.

Bill’s case is different, I think (because driver development stopped).

Scb clearly can’t use a fixed latency compensation, because the problem occurs randomly.

ok, my turn for trouble…

I’ve got a song with 25 tracks or so, I brought in about 15 for drums (off my drum program) and every time I added a part that wasn’t started at the very beginning of the song, the part would be delayed. very annoying, this is with the newest version and 2nd to newest build…

Hmmmm… I had the same problem when I installed 4.0.5. I recorded a track and on playback the recorded track was about half a second behind. I went into the buffering setting and set it a bit higher and it totally fixed the problem… running and recording fine now.

I’m running a delta44, Win2Kpro, AMD XP1800, 512MB.