Latency Issues

Mackie Onyx w/N-Track

Okay, talk about an old topic with no real solution (that I can find anyway). I’ve got the Mackie Onyx Satellite Base Station which is a very nice pre/interface/soundcard for the money.…ace?sku=248154

It’s connected via Firewire and works great. However, using N-Track I have to have my playback and recording buffer settings extremely low…1 to 2 buffers @ 128 - 206 samples to avoid noticable latency. On the Mackie there’s a button I can push that lets me monitor the DAW playback or just the input to the unit. My questions is, is there a clever way to arrange my monitoring setup so I can listen to the playback from the recorded PC tracks while recording a new part and monitoring that part from just the Mackie input, thus avoiding the latency issue? It’s not really a problem with the buffers & sample rate until I record in excess of 4 tracks…never mind adding any effects as it just can’t handle it. My monitoring tool, which is quite nice for what it is, is the SM ProAudio M-Patch.…rol?sku=180202

If I up the buffers and samples I won’t be able to record anything…we’re talking a 1/2 second lag. Your help would be very much appreciated. I know this is a common topic, but I’m looking for a solution with my specific equipment if possible.

Thanks gang!