latency when SIR is in the aux chanel

after I install the 1745 build version


I’ve install the new, 1745 build version instead an older 4.03/1721. I’ve experienced a problam with SIR reverb. (
Before there wasn’t latency problem with SIR if I used it in the aux chanel. But in the new program version there is big latency :(
I think many people use SIR and it is a big problem.

Balazs Lorincz

I think it’s something that goes along with SIR regardles of which version of N-track you use.

With Sir there’s a lot’s of latency it being quite a heavy program, but it’s compensated by N-track (like it should). The author of SIR writes "Yes, i’m still working on zero-latency version… Due to technical reasons the plugIn works with a fixed latency of 8960 samples that is compensated for by the VST-host"

However, if you have Sir in you chain but it’s bypassed, everything dry that goes thru SIR seems to be delayed quite a lot.

Turn it on (or take it out). Or turn on the plug in latency compensator in N-track (if there’s such a button). Sorry, I can’t be more specific right now, don’t have the program at hand at work… hmm maybe I should have?

Before the new n-track install the SIR sounded good but now it has latency. And I can’t compensate the latency because the plugin is in the aux chanel (it is very usefull because less cpu needed).

I try to turn on and off the plug in latency compensator in N-track but the delay remaind…


What do you mean by a latency problem? If you’re using it in LIVE mode, it always had and will always have a latency problem, inherent in the way it works. Different impulse files will have different amounts of latency.

However, if you’re not using it in live mode and it’s causing a delay in the track, make sure you have “compensate for plugin latency” checked, somewhere in Preferences.

[edit] Oh, I see you did try that. If you’re not using it LIVE and you’re getting a delay, then it must be a bug. Report it to Flavio.

The problem is a delay between the instrument (snare, piano) and the reverb. It sounds like two snare or two piano. :(

I’ve checked the latency compensation and LIVE etc. Nothing happens.

It’s surely a bug.


Hmmm… I just downloaded 1745 and tried it with SIR. I did not notice any latency problems. I put SIR on the AUX buss just like you mentioned.

Works OK here? ???


Other reverb works good to me in the aux but SIR doesn’t. It delayed.
Did you send signal to the aux?


As I mentioned, the SIR plugin should be turned on to avoid it becoming a delay effect.

Thre’s at least three places where you can accidentally bypass the effect and get the delayed sound instead. The reverb is not delayed but the dry sound going thru the SIR is delayed which is heard as… well… delay effect (double snare for example).

1. fx button in the upper left corner near the first track (it turns on/off all the effects)
2. if you open the plug in there’s off button under pre amp and post gain (looks like a road sign don’t park here)
3. in the mixer window, where’s the aux effects, there’s a green square in the left of where it says SIR_1008. (If it’s red, the effect’s bypassed)

Also in settings - options you should mark the “compensate plugins latency” box. If you don’t do this you get the reverb delayed. (for example snare followed by reverbed snare)

Which one do you get?

Quote (balage @ Jan. 03 2005,14:47)
Other reverb works good to me in the aux but SIR doesn't. It delayed.
Did you send signal to the aux?


Other reverb works in a different way. My SIR has always been like this.
Quote (balage @ Jan. 03 2005,14:47)
Other reverb works good to me in the aux but SIR doesn't. It delayed.
Did you send signal to the aux?


Yep. I had a song in progress with n-Track 'verb on the Aux. I just replaced the n-Track 'verb with SIR. No problem.


Works fine for me with 1743. I put SIR in Aux1 and ran it both 100% dry and 100% wet - no latency issues at all. So if it’s hosed, it’s a 1745 issue.


Just installed 1745 and it works fine, no latency issues using SIR 1.008 in Aux bus. FWIW, I’m the one who worked with Flavio to straighten out the latency issues on destructive edit, so I’m familiar with the issue… I’d try a re-instal and see if that clears it up.

Hi varakeef!

I don’t understand why should bypass an effect which I want to use. If I bypass the effect there isn’t the delay but there isn’t the wet effect what I need. :(

If I use Voxengo Pristine Space there is no problem but I have just the demo version. It is a convolution reverb like SIR.

I marked the “compensate plugins latency” box too. Nothing changes.

Hi gtr4him!

Did you install the newest ntrack? (build 1745)
You can download here:


Quote (balage @ Jan. 04 2005,04:06)
Hi varakeef!

I don't understand why should bypass an effect which I want to use. If I bypass the effect there isn't the delay but there isn't the wet effect what I need. :(

What I ment (and said) that in my case there seems to be delay if the effect is bypassed.

If the effect is not bypassed, I don't have any delay - everything is fine, I get the reverb like I should.

Therefore I just wondered if you'd accidentally bypassed the effect and therefore get the unwanted delay.

Did you notice there's sliders for how much dry and how much wet signal you get in SIR?

You do have impulse-responses to use with SIR?

I noticed something new!!!

The audio chanels don’t delayed when I send to AUX with SIR.

But midi chanels with VST instruments is delaying!!!

For example I use sfz…

I upload 3 example mp3:

Dry snare:

Wet audio snare (SIR in aux):

Wet VST instrument snare (sfz, SIR in aux):

I noticed the same problem, actually.

I think the problem is more with the midi channels than anything. N-Track compensates for the latency of SIR on midi channels by delaying them as well. I can only assume that it does that so that any outboard midi gear is still in sync with your audio streams. It doesn’t, however, take into account midi tracks sent to virtual instruments, who’s wave output also gets shifted.

I hope that made sense to someone.

My theory in my current project is that I’ll write the songs using a different reverb, process the virtual instruments to wave files without effects, then do the mix with SIR.


I’ve just uploaded build 1746 which should solve the problem.