latency with MIDI

If I try to match midi to match wave files or even record multiple (more than one) midi track the tracks are completely out of sync. I can record as many wav tracks as I need and everything syncs beautifully.
I feel sure this is not the norm. Is there a setting that will help?

There is much that could be causing this.

Could you describe your set-up. Do you have internal or external midi intruments? If internal, are they plug-ins or just the soundcard’s or windows’ synth?

In general, the more processing that needs to be undertaken by your midi to sound path the longer it will take (in micro-seconds) and the more it will become out of synch with a sound source like .wav when compared together.

Do a search on this site as there is plenty to read on this subject. Good luck

If you’re using the MS software wavetable synth, it’s notorious for this problem.
You need a better softsynth if that’s the case.