i’ve had enough!

i’ve been using n-track since 2.0, almost ten years, so i know my way around. i have the new v6.2
and, am having major issues with lag, latency or whatever you want to call it. the first 30 seconds are ok, but as the song progresses…it gets further and further behind. it’s not an issue if i record all tracks at once, only if i want to add tracks. it was working fine until i updated, then the computer crashed, and it’s never been the same. my computer is fairly new, XP, pentium D cpu processer 2.80 ghz, 1 gig of ram, lots of hard drive space…
I’ve tried everthing, still an issue…any ideas? my sound card is an alesis 16 channel mixer, and i have the correct firewire card for it. but that’s another story!

Was that a clean install? If you haven’t, using windows to uninstall n then clean install the newer version might be a possible help.

yes i did that…a few times…and i’ve defraged, checked disk for errors…and pretty much anything else i could think of…including buffer settings, but still missing something… btw, i’ve recorded 6 cd’s using n-track, so i’m not a rookie, but something is amiss!

The new version is 6.0.3 is that the version your talking about if so is that build 2461?
And did you try booting up with your fingers crossed?
??? Sorry just kiddin. I’m not at all trying to imply that there are issues with 2461, it’s a pretty good build. But will still give one a surprise now and then. I’ve had no problems with latency.

Our buddy bubba would say something like this : Sigh Is this the age old uncheck "Keep devices open’ deal? Uncheck “Keep devices open”. See what happens.

Settings > Audio Devices > Advanced Button > Uncheck "Keep audio devices open"

Oldest problem in the book… that I wrote… about N-track problems"

But don’t blame either of us if your car out in the driveway starts when you hit record :laugh:

Thanks Bubba, but i’ve already unchecked that…any other possibilities? just so frustrating, i just want to write songs and record them, not be a programmer!!! i don’t know if this is a n=-track issue or a windows issue…i’m leaning towards windows, and working on buying a Mac…is n-track compatible with Mac, i was never thinking in those term, so never checked if they were…

So you have a track(s) recorded and you record an additional track (while monitoring the first track(s)) and it stays in sync for the first 30 seconds?

1 Are you using several effects on the previously recorded tracks or effects on the
input of the new track you are trying to record. (Or both?) This can add latency.
Maybe try bouncing the several tracks down to one (keep your originals) and use that
mix to add your new track.

2 Maybe try ASIO4ALL drivers instead of your current drivers.

Doesn’t the program automatically compensate for pluin latency? So that if I have a 500 ms plug in latency, and record on top of that, the newly recorded overdub goes where it should?

This can be very frustrating but as you suspect it must be something simple over looked.
So forgive me then if I ask basic simple questions.

Is the new track sample rate the same as the one recorded in preferences?
Are your Alesis drivers chosen in Settings - Audio devices both in and out?
Settings, Options everything looks ok?

Step back and try your best to take a fresh look.

the settings seem to be ok, sample rate etc, just recording to a click track and a rhythm track with no effects.
keep in mind i’ve recorded over 12-15 tracks with effects in the past, and numerous punch-ins, with no issues…
so in the mean time, i’ve dusted off the 1/2 inch 8 track, and am using that until i get this figured out’.
still open to any suggestions.

i will try the ASIO drivers, although i didn’t have much luck with them before…been using the wdm drivers.

I’m just trying to think of what must have changed when you had your crash… Having done so much and obviously had your work flow down well, it’s just puzzling.
Do you have another recording software, (sorry if you may have already mentioned that) to see if the problem is n-Track exclusive?

so your alesis mixer is your sound card but you don’t use alesis drivers?

yes the alesis is the sound card, and it has options for different drivers, mme,asio, wdm.

i do have cubase, but the dongle doesn’t work, i’ve got a ra # and am returning it for replacement.
my brother in law let me borrow his version of cubase yesterday, but we couldn’t get it to work…
this is what leads me to believe there is some issue with the computer…i am looking into re formatting the hard drive, and reinstalling the operating system…of course i’m not looking forward to that as i’d have to reinstall every thing else as well!

May be a long shot, but you don’t happen to use system timer as your clock source instead of soundcard/wave file clock?
I’m not at my DAW so I don’t have the exact names of options & menu paths at hand…

i’ve tried it both ways, doesn’t seem to make a difference


Have you downloaded the most recent drivers for the alesis?

I have a M-audio(Audiophile/firewire) and recently had to install it on a newer system. (of course I use an older tried and true version of Ntrack (5.0).
From that experience I can share, the ASIO4ALL drivers did not work properly, the wdm, mme, notta.
The ONLY drivers that work without issue in all parts of Ntrack for this particular firewire interface are the most current ones from their website.

Before you scratch the PC, think about it (as much as I like the switch to Mac idea!).
Is there an onboard soundcard?
Mine has a realtek, which I was able to utilize to determine the PC itself was able to playback multiple tracks without issue, it was the M-audio device that was not set up with the latest drivers that was the issue.

Long story short, it did take some time loading in the devices drivers, for some reason they did not take the first time, there was a whole process, unplug the device, plug it back in, uninstall the CD driver that came with it etc etc.)
But in the end, the PC did not go flying out a second story window, the Audio device is set up properly, and I avoided hours of reformatting or reinstalling Windows!

don’t give up hope, there are a few things you can try yet before switching to Mac…although…that is still great idea regardless of the outcome.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

i will give that a try, my music computer is not on the internet, so i will have to use the lap top…one extra step but i can scan for viruses first.