lag when recording midi

Can anyone shed some light on latency issues within N? I have a very general midi keyboard that I run into a Midiman Midisport 2x2. I have tried to trouble shoot it and thought that it might be a combination of the Midisport and the Midi keyboard, however just recently, I ran Fruity Loops through N as a Re-Wire application and noticed the same latency when trying to use the midi keyboard from Fruity Loops.
I am almost beginnig to believe that it may be an issue with N-Track itself. Any thoughts?


First, folks sometimes say “latency” when they mean “sync”: when the recorded parts don’t line up with previously recorded audio. If this is your problem, make sure that you’ve unchecked both boxes in “Preferences -> Options -> Use system timer for”, and that in “Preferences -> MIDI Settings -> Timer to use”, you’ve picked “wave”.

Latency is when you play a note and hear it after a delay rather than right away. There’s always some latency, but it should be small enough not to be detectable by ear & touch (i.e., under 10-20 msec total).

If you’re having a latency problem, it’s fixable in most cases, and depends most on your MOBO/soundcard combination, along with some system tuning issues.

First, try ASIO drivers if you have them. If you don’t have ASIO, try WDM, but go to “Preferences -> Buffering” and try “low buffering”. Note that low buffering settings can cause dropouts when recording. You can often adjust for that using “more options” and increasing “recording buffering” values. Latency for MIDI is affected by “Playback buffering” size and count.

If you’re using a built-in soundcard or a low-cost consumer (gaming) soundcard, you can download and install “Wuschell’s Asio4all”. Google “asio4all” to find it. This is a fab little bit of software; I use it for live playing so I don’t have to extract my MOTU from my studio every week. (Wish I had a spare MIDI keyboard, too!)

If you’re using a Creative soundcard, there are downloadable drivers that are better for you. Just ask and someone will pipe up.

Finally, if you can’t get low latency to work, or get it to work but not without recording dropouts, it could be a MOBO/souncard issue, or a system tuning thing like PCI latency. If so, post back with lots of detail: MOBO, soundcard, drivers, best buffering settings, and what the symptoms are.