Latest build - not being asked to delete

tracks - even when box is ticked. Anyone else?

Hi TonyR:

I just loaded b2827 and set it up the the config I normally use…
The install went according to the way n-Track normally go…
Recently, I’ve had no issues to report when Flavio posts new builds…


Quote: (TonyR @ Sep. 06 2011, 6:26 PM)

tracks - even when box is ticked. Anyone else?


I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. I've tried checking the "Always do this without asking" box, then verified that it no longer asked to delete, then checked the "Settings/Preferences/Ask to delete wave files..." option and the program started again asking to delete wave files of tracks being deleted.
Are you testing with tracks that you've just recorded?
Older versions did ask to delete even on tracks that were imported, the latest versions ask to delete only files that were created by n-Track in the current session (i.e. recorded files, files created from freezing or bouncing).


Thanks, Flavio. That, I’m sure, explains it. I’ve been working with “sub-projects” and importing files from main song folders.