Latest n-Track fixes in Jamstix beta

Ralph’s right on it! Check the forum.


*fixed sample list not always showing up in n-Track

*fixed freezing in n-Track when using comboboxes/listboxes in Jamstix

Tell me about it…I’m still in shock…I just posted about that freezing bug today in the Jamstix forum, and Ralph squashed it and put up a new build in about 1/2 an hour. :O I had also seen that sample list bug in the previous beta build, too, but never mentioned it, so I was surprised to see that he squashed that one, too. I’m in business again! :)

I also have to apologize to Flavio, though: I sent him a lengthy bug report today about this since I couldn’t tell if it was a Jamstix or an N-track issue, and MiniHost seemed to work fine with Jamstix, so I went to Fasoft first—but with specific plugins I suppose it’s probably best to go to the plugin’s site first for help with these kinds of problems (not pointing fingers here, just trying to think in terms of the software’s “structural hierarchy” I guess you might say). I mean, if I had seen similar problems in several plugins, I may have had more reason to start at Fasoft, but I didn’t. And in the end, even if both sides could have put in something to stop the problem, it obviously turned out to be a relatively quick fix on the Jamstix end, so lesson learned. Just trying to avoid abusing the support systems, since they seem to work pretty darn well overall.

Many thanks to Ralph and Flavio for the support!