layla20 with midi

need some routing advice

I must be doing something wrong…

I’m using 2 souncards in my computer. Soundblaster Live! and Layla20 card with interface.

I can play midi files and hear the sound and all when I tell N-Track to play them with the SB Live!

I can’t yet find a way to play midi files with the Layla20.

Here’s what I’ve tried to do…
-went to file/settings/preferences/midi settings/midi devices

there under MIDI output ports, I saw the following list:

2. Layla20 MIDI
3. Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
4. A: SB Live! Synth
5. B: SB Live! Synth
6. SB Live! Soft Synth

here are the ones that produce sound
3, 4, 5, 6

the Layla MIDI doesn’t put out any sound

Now as for recording MIDI, the Layla card is selected and I’ve got a keyboard connected to that via a MIDI cable and it’s recording MIDI without a problem. I can play those notes back on the SB Live card.

I’m going to assume that the soundcard is working OK and that the problem is with my routing. But what am I doing wrong here???

The Layla20 has external MIDI I/O ports - no onboard synth like 3, 4, 5, and 6. Are you connecting it to a an external MIDI sound module? It doesn’t make sound for the same reason 7. SB Live! MIDI UART doesn’t make sound. Your MIDI Mapper is probably pointing to 2 or 7 or it would be making sound, too (look in the audio control panel).

I’m going to show you how big a midiot I am with this question…

external MIDI sound module?

you mean like a piece of hardware? or do you mean something like sfz?

External MIDI Hardware Module - yep. Dont’ worry about being a midiot. We are all still idiots at something, even after years of trying. I still don’t have the hang of sfz or any vst instruments, though I can get 'em work sometimes - lots of fiddling and trial and error - mostly error.

Just thinking out loud… can a keyboard function as an external midi module?

I’ve got a Casio wk3000 - great sounds to that piece of equipment which has midi out & midi in

Can I send the midi out from the Layla20 to the MIDI in of the keyboard and then go from the keyboard to the 1/4" headphone jack back into my mixer and get those sounds to play?

EDIT: I decided to get off my hind quarters and find out. I just tried it and it works great.

— Anyone know this keyboard and know which synth (casio calls it tone) is closest to the standard sounds that the SB Live! produces when playing MIDI? (I assume there is a standard sound)