Lead Vocals Needed

on one song

Anyone want to try singing “Deserted Cities of the Heart”? (originally done by Cream, from Wheels of Fire)

I’ve got the backing tracks just about finished. It’s waiting on a lead vocal, and lead guitar.

Yes, this is a phoo and the far tones rendition (not terrible different than the original though), but Terje would rather not do the vocals on this one, in spite of my continuous prompting.

Slacker :)

Get in touch and I’ll point you to the goodies.

Have Ange give it a try. Seriously.

Ooo, that’d be fun :)

Interesting choice of song. Never heard of anyone doing that song!

Ange’s voice might give it a new perspective.

Hey - I’m no slacker, I’m committed & dedicated.
I’ve been avoiding the vocals on this one so successfully that I’d forgotten all about the lead guitar :)

well, i’ve had a wee little play with the track this afternoon! quite the challenge i’ve landed myself with!
Not sure my voice is ‘dirty’ enough for it but i’m gonna give it a go anyhow, although it may be that i am definitely gonna need that little emoticon with reddened embarrassed cheeks after all! :p (a male vocalist too me thinks!)

Ange x

Hey Ange, just do whatever you like with it. Have fun & see what happens.
Nothing will be heard publicly unless you’re happy with the outcome :(

I’m off to the basement to see if I can figure out something unclaptonlike for that dang lead break…

And here’s your emoticon, BTW: :angry:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Well, this is obviously NOT meant to be on my part. My freakin’ DAW went ka-BOOM. I cries out for my XP-cd which I don’t have here in my house. I can hopefully get it back here tomorrow.

And no, it had nothing to do with n-Track.

Ain’t life grand…

Oh…that’s no good. No DAW is like no AIR.

I’m getting things all back in place…since the hacker barged in and put his mark all over everything. Anyone want viagra? Every web page at phootoons (and every site hosted under it) was selling it for a while there, even if it wasn’t totally visible. ARGH!!!

I think all the private and password protected stuff is back to normal now.

Ange, do what ever you like and if you don’t like it then there’s no problem. We can have fun seeing what happens if nothing else.

(off it answer a few emails)

Excellent! :agree:

One of my favorite Cream tunes. Can’t wait to hear it! :)