Lean & Mean mode

I’m using n-tracks v4 with the Emulator X sound card (1820m), sampler and PatchMix on a WinXP machine w/ a 3GHz CPU & 1GB RAM. When trying to record midi tracks to audio thru Emulator X (standalone mode), the CPU usage goes thru the ceiling and lots of distortion, clicks & pops occur on the audio tracks.

I used to use n-track v2 on a Win95 Machine with a 133Mhz CPU and <100MB RAM and was able to get good results doing almost the same thing (No Emulator X stuff).

I remember that there were a number of settings that had to be made in n-tracks 2x in order to minimize the amount of resources used.

Is there anyplace that lists all settings that would minimize resource usage in n-tracks v4?