left clicking in piano roll

I thought my midi editing was limited in my laptop and was causing crashes so today I began beta testing on my big DAW and have had 3 crashes already, just by clicking on a note on the piano roll in a midi track. Can anyone else try a simple click in a midi track on the piano roll and see what’s up? Build 2460.

A left click in piano roll does not seem to crash my system. However, I am not really up on this midi stuff. I did find that I could not readily figure out how to close the piano roll window as I could not locate the traditional X box to close it.

Mouse click in the piano window did not crash my system. I did find that the traditional xbox to close the window was hidden on my screen. Someone else needs to check this as I am fumbling around when it comes to midi.

I’ve tried to post this twice - this makes three time.
Clickoing in the pIano roll diod not crash my computer

I must have sent 8 crash reports today over this. It’s clickable in the piano roll if there is not a ‘note’ assigned to a key - but as soon as I click on a key with a note assigned to it - n crashes.

Yes – have same prob in 2459

I was clicking on the piano roll last night with out crashing.
But I did find instances where I would remove a part from the time line to find tracks removed instead.
The part was clearly selected for removal.

build 2461 fixes crash on note click. So far so good.

Yeh :p Now I can get some sleep

I left clicked on my painoroll last night and my comp turned into a wide screen tv with surround sound!
Thx flavio your the best! :agree: Can I have a bmw next?

I clicked on the panio roll after downloading 2461 to find nTrack close. The amazing thing was how effortlessly and smoothly the program closed. It’ was perfect as if nTrack hadn’t been open at all. Seemingly faster than the speed of light! I was impressed after half hr of building a drum track, That was sounding great. Yes it’s true that I had downloaded 2461 but darn it, I got busy and forgot to install it!
:laugh: Hey 2460 was runnin sweet to before that!
Flavio I’m really impressed! You know, even highlights would acquire a cross’hair and became movable. That is pure magic! Lovin my nTrack! :agree: