Left the Worst Behind

Newly recorded old song

I’ve posted a new recording of an old song at Click on "Left the Worst Behind.

I actually wrote this song when I was 16 - 17 (witness the teenage lyrics). However, I always like the lick & groove to it so I finally got around to recording it a year or so ago but it had no drums. Recently I started learning about drum loops so I purchased a set of loops by Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac fame).

So now I’m joined by Mic Fleetwood whose drums give the song a big boost. I play all the other instruments and sing vocals & harmony

I’ve posted a slightly revised mix if you’re interested. I’m curious if anyone thinks the drums are too hot in the mix. I like them at this level but who knows?

Man I love the guitar work in that song. I think the drums sit pretty well but the hat is a little too tinny.

Thanks for listening & I appreciate the compliment! Which guitar part did you like (there are 2 guitars & a slide and a guitar drone at the end)?

The drums are Mick Fleetwood’s pre-recorded drums so unfortuantely I can’t change them.

I enjoyed all the guitar parts but in particular the slide and the acoustic. Lots of movement with very nice progression, not predictable but sensible, well controlled with lots of expression. The parts really compliment each other.

The drums in the very first couple of bars are a little overpowering but then it all pulls together very quickly so for me it’s not an issue. With the hat, tinny is probably not a good description, it’s more a high freq bite or pierce.

What are you using to sequence those drums??? They are very convincing.

Thanks again. I’m using Acid Music Studio.

Just looking at your website Mr Soul. Those Fender amps must be worth a fortune. I’m suprised you don’t have a telecaster!!!

Actually I just sold the '67 DR for $1,600 to some guy in Japan. He paid $200 to ship it there. I needed the cash to buy a Bose P1; however I’m really going to miss that amp because it had that sweet, bright Fender blackface tone.

I bought both amps at pretty good prices. The DR was beat-to-sh*t, so I completely restored it. The '62 Vibrolux was functional but I got it for a good price also, because the guy wanted to unload it. I actually bought it from a guy who plays guitar with Jackson Browne.

I get most of my gear on eBay & I look for deals but they are hard to come by these days.

I recorded this song with the Vibrolux and my '84 Super Champ not shown in the photo’s.

I’d love to get a Tele but I can’t find a “lawsuit” one that I’m willing to buy. Actually, I used to own one of those '72 Thinlines but I sold it years ago.