Lend me your ears please

I’d like your opinions on these please!!



I haven’t actually written anything since 50/90 so here are the last of those re-recorded.

Not sure about the kick levels on ‘Let it go’ (but I luuurve the bassline)…passable?
Also…I can’t hear this song properly on my pc. Sounds all distorted and weird…whats all that about?

Cheers gang.

Let it go:

I like it, drum fill ins’ are a bit load and lead needs some more re-verb. Spread your drums out a little 70 to 80 pan IMO
Life is for living: Could use more bass. I like it too.

Both have a 60’s flare I think. Very original.

Sound level on the PC/ check and make sure volume tabs are not 100%/ set at 85% for both Volume and Wave.

Good stuff.


:agree: Thanks Paco. Will check that :agree:

Everything you do is brilliant Craig!

:;): Hey thanks Tom....but tell that to my missus.... :p

Hey, Missus Craig! Everything Craig does is brilliant! :agree: :agree:

Take it from me, someone you don’t know, have never met, and probably would find annoying if you did anyway!


ehh, a little artzie fartzie if you ask me :laugh:

:laugh: Darn!!! I wanted to get as far away from 'art' as possible!!!!!! :laugh:

Hmmm…most of us try to flee the other thing rather than the artsie, craig.

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Jan. 09 2010, 6:12 PM)

:laugh: Darn!!! I wanted to get as far away from 'art' as possible!!!!!!

:laugh: Got'cha Spreader!
Hey you guys are the best!

You don’t need help.

I love your stuff, Craig.