Lessen volume of one measure?

Of finished song…how to?

I have a finished song or two that has one measure or note that is too loud and distorted. It’s in the finished product of the song, and didn’t really notice it till now. Is there a way to drop the volume some in just one measure or for one note of a song without messing up the rest of it? Thanks.

you dont have the original project with the separated wave files?

If it’s distorted because it clipped whilst being recorded then you pretty much need to re-record it with lower levels or maybe a limiter/compressor before it hits the soundcard.

If you just want to drop the volume you can do that with the volume envelopes in N.

Click on the little ramp looking button that will display your volume envelopes and then just draw the changes in volume you want.
May have to zoom in a lot to get the changes exactly where you want them but you should be able to drop the volume of a single beat if you want to.