Let's move on.....

I just got a personal apology from Leo Wilks. I considered deleting the thread, but decided not to for now. He’s sincere and welcome to post anything he wants hopefully this will not deter him from feeling at home here.

I also explained to Tolgar at SoundClick what was going on - he’s fine with it and understands completely.


WHAT!?!?!? Ruin a perfectly GOOD FORUM BRAWL???? Awwww… maaaaannnn…

Geez… you GUYs… JUST… what, wait… where’s my PILLS??? I oughta,… spark plugs… Frickem-frackem… whose idea… WHAT? Deal or be a Millionaire!! WOO HOOO! I’ll take door number 2 Monty? 'Ump? Wat 'ump?

Peace to all and welcome Mr. Wilks!


Yep ! - Good forum brawls get more rare the older you get…

Welcome to the zoo Leo!

Some good folks here, future friends and brothers, and one little sister.


Geez... you GUYs... JUST... what, wait... where's my PILLS!?!? I oughta,... spark plugs... Frickem-frackem... whose idea... WHAT? Deal or be a Millionaire!! WOO HOOO! I'll take door number 2 Monty? 'Ump? Wat 'ump?

You know that tune I sent you Poppa? ^^^ There's^^^^ the lyrics for it! ROFL... :agree:


qwerty Lyric! lol - I opened that project up Saturday - did some editing - bout all I felt like doing. Our bass player is gone for a couple of weeks so I’m concentrating on new material on the bass - takin’ most of my free time - like the one hour between - kids and kids again. Then there’s my reality football team. How 'bout them Broncos!!

Speaking of forum brawls, where the heck was the officiating at that Bronco’s game?

1 can o worms coming up! :laugh:

Hey - rules are rules Now they wanna CHANGE the Rules.

The Chargers had 2 chances to keep them out of the end zone AFTER the blown call. But the rule on blown calls was the right call by the guy who blew the fumble call and called the wrong call when he blew the play dead in the first place. It’s crystal clear!

Thread Hi-jacking is the name, heheheheh

Knew that would get a response from ya! :laugh:

Poor ol Chargers, 2 losses in a row in the last few seconds of the game (Panthers last week! OH YES!)

Football, schmoot-ball! Phooey! The last time I tried to put a set of EB Slinkys on a football, it sounded TERRBIRUBBLE… Maybe I shoulda tried Elixirs?


How to tune a football 2 weeks into the season
You can only “Lace” a football with D’Adairio XL’s (.010’s).

Then tune 1/2 step down for audibles, used to tune 440yds passing,
but age of vocal chord has resulted in the 1/2 step down.

For running plays install single coil pick-ups, PASSING PLAYS REQUIRE HUMBUCKERS!

An Excellent 1st string Quarterback is required in Humbucker use,
3rd or 4th string quarterback will do for single coil hand-offs.

Artificial turf designed Fender amps will do when no other options are available.
Real natural grass Marshall Stacks required for optimum game performance and a successful Air attack!

Yaz “Paul” Lombardi

Can you Hi-Jack your own thread?

EB pinks would work on these D!

Funny stuff there Yaz!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Sep. 15 2008, 3:49 PM)

Can you Hi-Jack your own thread?

EB pinks would work on these D!

Funny stuff there Yaz!

HEY! That sounds JUST LIKE a Les Paul through a Marshall! LOL... :p


PS According to Official FORUM Rules Section 1; Sub Section 1-3; Para 2B...

Any thread hijacked by the thread initiator must NOT be deemed as "hijacked" unless said thread initiator is construed as "talking to himself". In this case intervention is required either by a forum moderator or Diogenes the Omnipotent. Intervention by Diogenes Intervention Omnipotence (DIO) requires 100 USD payment for services rendered for each intervention. Make checks payable to "Diogenes Intervention Omnipotence" and mail to:

Diogenes the Omnipotent
1234 Bitemearse Blvd.
Padonkadink, Alabama 54321

WHOO-WEEE! Gotta GO! Wifeys DAWG just busted the CHEEEEZ... Gasp! Air... airrr...

I agree with that Poppa Willis

I said something one time back in v1 days… I got trounced real bad… Mac picked me up and dusted me off… and That-was-That…



WHOO-WEEE! Gotta GO! Wifeys DAWG just busted the CHEEEEZ... Gasp! Air... airrr...

I SWEAR she's feeding this little butt-munch SKUNK scent glands or something!! The little turd just did it again... WOW... that REEEEKKKSS...


We have officially moved on…
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What’s with the sound effect?

eeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, what’s wif the smell!