Let's talk about all the Brits

While they’re asleep…


Well, I’ve never been to England, but I kinda like the Beatles…

ah - a Ronnie Sessions country cover hit. MGM records 1968 Never Been To Spain - Hoyt Axton.

Well they really haven’t done anything since
Benny Hill. Mr Bean totally bites.

They shooore dew talk funny… (unlike us southern US rednecks) :p


Their Office TV show is a lot funnier than ours though. I think so anyway.

Dang, the Beatles. They got an ace in the whole with that one. :sulk:

Hmmm… I gotta agree with 7 o’ 11… Mr. Bean just doesn’t cut it. I watched a movie of his a while back with my youngest. Neither of us thought it very funny. Oh well. Bean will get his millions and cruise on to the next project while I sit here and poke at him from half-way around the world while trying to exist on paupers pay. So who won?


Let’s not forget their House of Commons -
It’s like an angry mob.

Big fan of Harreir Jump Jet.

Can’t poke fun at that… it’s the same here with our house and senate. Over here, they’re just sneaky turds! Rather than brawl out in the open they’ll back-bite and stab each other in the back literally and figuratively.

A Universal Constant: Politics suck.


Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Apr. 29 2008, 9:30 PM)

Let's not forget their House of Commons -
It's like an angry mob.

Big fan of Harreir Jump Jet.

Ooohhh... yeah. The Harrier is awesome cool. Really nice bit of technology. Kudos to them for that.


OK. I have an honest question I am truly curious about; Why are the cars right-hand drive and they drive on the left-hand side of the road? Did we just decide to do it backwards in the USA or is there some logical reasoning behind this and we Yanks are just blinkin’ daft?

"Enquiring minds want to know!"


Another low moment for the Empire

Mr. ‘Goody Two Shoes’ himself - Adam Ant

… and what of this Royal Family stuff? They have a Prime Minister to head the gummint… why go to all the expense, pomp and circumstance to have a figurehead and associated accouterments? Wouldn’t it be less of a burden on the tax payers to ditch the “Monarchy”?

I’m not being disrespectful here. I honestly would like to hear a British viewpoint on this.

D - quite possibly “blinkin’ daft!” LOL!

Truthfully - we Yanks when composing our dictionairy,
deliberately changed the spelling of words like gaol,
and colour, just to tweek their noses.
So maybe the driving thing is the same.


"Enquiring minds want to know!"

Great question!
Interesting answers...
For Inquiring Minds

It would save a lot of tax money to ditch air force one and air force two and make them take a greyhound bus, as well. I’m all for that.
I’m a big monty python fan, so i credit tham for that too. Even if I only get 1/3 of the gags.

They play soccer and call it football. ewww


Great question!
Interesting answers...

That makes US a red country and them a blue country

according to the legend.

They spell funny.

aeroplane - colour - centre - analogue