Let's talk about all the Yanks...

while they’re asleep…

What’s up with all the people in the US gripin’ about high taxes and high gas prices anyway? It’s about 80% fuel tax and about 8 bucks a gallon (after Euro to US Dollar conversion in Deutschland) along with a nice 55% or so income tax… so what the heck are you Yanks griping about!!!

D - (actually the European schizophrenic “partner of D”… Let’s call him “E” in front of his back eh? SHHhhh… he might HEAR!)

Why in the world do they have SPEED LIMITS on the Interstate Highways??? Have they learned nothing from the Autobahn in Germany? Oh… and why do they waste so much rain water? Over here we catch it in a holding tank and flush toilets, wash cars, water the lawn etc… instead of using expensive municipal water supplies… What the hey???

E (or is it “D”… D@#N! Confused again…)

D - by “Yanks” do you mean folks on the north side of the Mason Dixon?

ROFL! NO! Our British and European cousins often refer to their US kin as “Yanks”.

Over here, anybody above the Masy-Dixie line is a D@#N Yankee! :laugh: There’s a difference… :D LOL! (I kill me… I gotta go to bed. I’m so tired I’m even “stupider” than usual…)


PS Refer to Looney Toons Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny episodes for further research.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ May 01 2008, 8:02 AM)

D - by "Yanks" do you mean folks on the north side of the Mason Dixon?

Mason/Dixon? Weren't they Brits? ???

Listen to the song 'Sailing to Philadelphia' by Mark Knopfler and James Taylor about Mason and Dixon, very nice!

What do you get when you cross a Brit and a Yank

A Bank, their fees are higher than King George’s Tea Tax!

@ bruffie…

thats a great album… :agree:


Quote: (g8torcliff @ May 01 2008, 3:00 PM)

@ bruffie...

thats a great album..... :agree:


Cheers Cliff,

I'm a big fan of Mark Knopfler as a guitar player. He's taken a bit of criticism since dis-banding Dire Straits but some of his solo stuff is superb. :agree:

Knopfler was Dire Straits!

Without Mark, just another band.

:agree: Definitely!

One of my top 3 musical heroes of all time.
Quote: (Diogenes @ Apr. 30 2008, 11:00 PM)

...and why do they waste so much (...) water?

Yeah, and whazzup with these yank toilets, holding enough water to float an entire navy?

Only up in phooland have I seen normal toilets...

It’s because we are so full of crap it takes a lake to get it all flushed. :)

Hmmm… maybe I should consider importing one :p

I want one that reclines with a foot rest and has a built-in music system. Don’t need or want a TV. Why have a TV in the reading room? If it flushes… that’d be a bonus too I guess. :laugh:


Wez wants one of dem “Bidet” toilets wif the built in drinking fountain!