Lets Play

An Experiment In Technique

Looked for retro sound. 3 cheapo-crapo mics hungup over drums. Bass amp , Working Mans 12, direct to board via DI, guitar amp Tech 21 direct to board via DI. Mixer stereo outs to laptop on board Realtek sound card stereo line-in.
Recorded all at once, one room, 1 shot, to 1 stereo track, N-track v5. Narry a click track in sight! This was fun!!



lil’ Dwighty thang! I like room noise… something happens when air actually moves!

too much fun!

Awsum Duff!

Love the opening guitar riff! :agree:


lil' Dwighty thang!

Fun little song, and I know you had to have had a blast recording it. That is a Duffman original, right?

Thanks for the listens. Yep another Duff original. A one day thing with some old friends. Bass player is T.J. Ross wife of the famous illustrated book artist, cartoonist?, Alex Ross. Drummer, backing vocals is Andy. Intersting guy. Has P.H.D. in Bio-Mechanics.

Wish we would have had better micking on the drums…Still we have a ton of fun!


TomS might even approve of that band. :laugh:

Dig the vox Duff

Having fun with it!
name of the game…

Good tune, I like it.

Getting different sounds is where it’s at! :agree:

The sound is retro, that’s real good! yep fun is the word, real honest good music if you ask me. :agree: