Lexicon Omega

anyone had any experience Omega+ntrk

Has anyone esle used Omega with ntrack? I have had some partial success, but wasted a lot of effort up a blind alley using the bundled software ProTracks (sort of mini Cakewalk). Ok but nowhere near as intuitive as ntrack. I suspect what I really need is an ASIO driver, but one that works for W2000.

Slight catch is I want to upgrade to ntrk v4 24 bit, but it would be good to hear from others that it DOES work beforehand!



replying to my own post here which is slightly dodgy!

there have been a number of peeps at the post, but no added info

for anyone with an Omega or contemplating getting one progress so far:

omega definitely works at 16 bit with 3.3

don’t seem to be able to record mono only…
(probably as omega records 1-2 or 3-4 (or both pairs))

…so record 2 mono tracks and delete one

can’t try 24 bit yet til I upgrade to v4 + 24 bit

needs lag compensation to kep in sync : about -180 ms seems to work

wdm driver seems to work ok (but see above)

asio driver is available for omega+XP but not on W2000

convenience of having monitor/phones/faders all to hand is neat

downside is when using (as i do) on laptop, if you try to ntrk away from omega the prefs are all wrong and the boot goes haywire, so…

…I have set up two versions of ntrk, one for omega and one for laptop soundcard

midi is a bit of a black art to me - i have no keyboard controller as yet - and still have to learn how to record
:wink: …BUT…what I have learned is that omega midi driver doesn’t send output to internal synth. previously i routed midi via gm wavesynth and got sounds via laptop/ntrk. this still works, but if via omega driver no sound from laptop.

anyway, so far so good. will report further as i learn more if there is any interest.