Life Is Better In The Garden

Ok, so this one’s a little embarassing…I’m just sick of winter.
Go easy on me.

Hey it’s got a cool throwback beat to it, funny lyrics, not bad at all!

Thanks Kev!!!

Lovin’ it Geoffo. A proper roller coaster that had me by suprise all the way.
I’m sick of winter, too, but it just keeps coming back!

Just added some finger-snaps in the solo section, and a bunch of “ahh’s” at the end refrain. Was sounding a little empty there after I had a few listens.
Thanks for the positive comments Tony! I think I’m getting the hankering for writing “normal” songs again

Cool, but I thought from the title that it was going to be about Epicurus! Just kidding! :agree:

:laugh: Epicurus was a girl - enjoy the pain!
It makes for better song writing.

Heh, nah- just trying to get back to basics.

Hey I forgot to mention - I love the bass on this, sounds reall good!

in my country were i have abode him not lissen to much these kind of musics so i must tell him i dint care for the song to much. it not in intrumints but in song.