Like old classics?

lounge lizard alert

sorry I get this:
This Song Has Been Filtered
This song has been filtered out because it is rated Behave Yourself (PG) and you are not logged in.

For people that are not logged in, we filter out all songs rated higher than G. When you register and log in, you can set your Maximum Content Rating to G, PG, PG-13 or R so that you can choose which songs you will see and which will be filtered out.

To see this song, you will need to either register an account at ACIDplanet or, if you are already registered, you will need to login.

…You might get better response if you post where we are not required to “register” to hear your stuff.

I was able to listen to 4 songs at this link without registering or being a member.

4 of Robo’s songs

I think what he was trying to do is put a hyperlink to the actuall song, but alot of servers do not allow such a method.

I especially liked “Take My Medicine” it reminded me a song I played around with when I first got fruity loops.

Good luck, and keep shinin’


I got those 4, wish I could hear the Sinatra!