Line levels very low


I have been doing some home recordings off of a Behringer board with some tube pre amps, eq’s, condensers, sm57s, 58s, and some other mics running out of my main out into my line in on my hp desktop.
(athlon dual core. 2 gigs of memory. hard drive running at 5200+). and when i have tried running my main out to my microphone in through n-track (5.1.1. build 2312) and when i have it through mic in i get nothing but peaking.
even if i turn the levels down very low on my mixer it still peaks.
but at least i am getting a larger .wav and my recordings would be louder.
so i put it through my line in and my levels are clean and everything but they are very quiet and if i try to pull it up to a good level it peaks and i get nothing but static and popping in the mix.
any suggestions?
i seem to be stuck and i have tried to mess around with a lot of things but my recordings are staying pretty quiet.
Clean, but quiet. Thanks everyone.

Do you have the right settings to the line level input of your sound card found under Settings/Soundcards settings/Recording mixer controls?

(Line level source (mixer) to a mic level input is not an good idea to get a clean sounding recording.)

well the levels are not peaking or anything. i made sure the level was not coming in really high so that it wouldnt peak. but even in my line in, or my mic input, the recordings are coming clean… but very low levels. and if i turn it up it gets distorted. should i do somehting else in the level settings?


I meant that you must select “Line input” in Recording controls before you use it if you have previously used “Mic Input” as input source. And adjust the slider until you get a good signal level in.

This implicates of course that you have a good signal out of your Behringer board but I assume you have. (And also appropiate levels on the tube preamplifiers and the equalizers you said you had connected to the Behringer).

What do you really mean by “clean but quiet” in speaking of levels? What are your peak levels on the recording vu-meter when you are doing a recording?