Line recording w/o ntrack

Intranet readio station for High School

Hi All,

Sort of off topic. But I am sure there is someone here that will be able to help. I have been using ntrack for years now down to some really early versions. But here is my questions. I am a computer technician at a local Highschool and I am helping them get a intranet radio station up and running. As of now it will only be playing on the local network not out on the intranet.

I am using a shoutcast server with Winamp and a plugin to incode and send it to the server. It turns out they have many shows already on cassete tape that I want to convert to MP3. Of course I am looking for some software that is possibly freeware. The school has been in a bit of a budget crunch… If I can show the district what we can do maybe they will release some funds towards this project.

So far I have used windows media encoder but that will only make wma files… I was going to use maybe musicmatch but figured I through this out there to you guys.



Do a search for Audigy. It is a WAV editor but I believe it will allow you to record. And it should be freeware.

Yeah, you could use Audacity to record the content to the computer and then use dBpowerAMP Music Converter to convert to mp3.
Both FREE.