Link to Formulas

For Audio/Electronics

Hi Guys:
I got this link today in my mail…

It’s a calculator for computing answers to electronic and Audio formulas…

Audio and Electronic Calculator

This could be put in a safe place so you’ll know where to find IT… Mabey, you already have IT…


Hey Bill that is pretty cool. Lots to learn there for us non engineering types. :)

Hi Tom:
I am looking for this Monitor position formula that I got from RADAR Wayne… He gave it to me over the phone one day when we were talking about hanging monitors in a room… Well, I wrote IT down on a scrap of note paper. I was in the studio and I know I have it somewhere… But for sure I can’t remember… Willy made reference to it on a thread… I replied saying I would post it when I find IT…

I hope I find it before I get too old to remember what to do with it… when I find IT… Positioning the monitors with the formula really works… IT allows for minimal wall refelections and Standing waves and IT broadens the Sweet spot and imaging… and all…

Anyway, Wayne is expanding the studio he has. There is some 50 thousand dollars going into the Tracking and Control rooms areas… what with roof trusses and flooring and acoustics and all… When he’s ready I hope to go down there and help him move the audio hardware into it’s new positions and inital-and-date the up-grade… :O :p

If I remember, I’ll take my camera down and this time get some exposed photos of what it looks like…

The last time I talkied with him on the project he was telling me about installing these preassembled roof trusses when the sky opened up and rained on him and the project… Murphy’s Law… :( ??? I guess…


Definitely take some pictures, Bill! :)

WAY cool link, Bill…THANKS!!!

I want to hijack that page and pull out the code too at the formulas in action. There’s a lot for great stuff there.

Very cool…thanks Bill.

Hi everyone, I tried the formula for sound vs distance out and apparently there is a bug in the java script that will give a wrong factor of 100 when calculating from distance to time. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, depending where you activate it from (righthand calculation). I got in touch with the author and he will correct it asap, but just in case you need it he gave me a corrected version for meters and centimeters.

Thank you for telling me that mistake.
I prepared for you the file with the right
side in meters (with an A before .htm)
That works correct.
And here the same thing switched to cm (with a B before .htm)
The second calculation goes wrong. Like you told me.
0.07 s = 70 ms. There is a wrong factor of 100.
As if it stays with meters and does not switch to centimeters.
The original file is still
Let me think it over. It is not so easy for me to correct it.

If there are any java whizzkids on the forum you could maybe help.
Have fun

Hi sinbad and phoo:
I’m sure the author and users of the links/information on this page will appricate the work on correcting any misinformation on these links…

I re-iterate again… There are some pretty “Fart - Smeller’s” hanging around this Board… :O ??? :p


It would seem that Eberhard Sengpiel, the guy who put the formula collection at our disposal is a sound designer and not a programmer. Are there any java/java script guys out there who could offer a solution to the little problem in
It seems as if there is some conflict in the order in which the functions are being triggered.
It would be much appreciated, and it would be nice to give back something to guys who put their knowledge on the net for nothing. :D