link to some of my songs

genre is jewish/folk/soulful tuff

(whoops! last word was supposed to say stuff, but I can’t edit subtitles)

here’s a link to 3 songs I’ve put together over the past few months using NTrack.

I will be adding more soon, I hope. They’re all in hebrew. None of these are the finished product, but they’re getting there…

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so what do you think?

I listened to Kel Adon. It seems to lack sparkle. I would recommend boosting the treble in for the vocals to give it some more punch.

Kel Adon seems like it’s mixed a bit bass heavy. The acoustic could be mixed a little higher, especially in the intro. The vocal arrangement is pretty cool.

Do you mic the acoustic guitar? It sounds a lot better on the second track, O’dcha. This one is a real moody piece; must be in a minor key. Perhaps you could share what the lyrics and song are about? I like it quite a bit. The percussion is interesting. Is that a shaker I hear??

Anim Zemiros is kind of a feel good song. You do cool things with the percussion on each of these songs. This song sounds like the Isreali version of Simon & Garfunkel. This was a good set of songs!!

these songs are all works in progress.

yes the bass is a bit heavy on Kel Adon and will be changed one of these days. I did that mix before I owned monitors. Advice for all: if you mix on headphones and it sounds good, there might be too much bass when you hear it on speakers.

On that song I was micing the guitar with an sm57 close up and a small condenser mic back about 5 feet for ambience. I probably should have pushed the volume a bit higher while recording, and I will be remixing it and hopefully I can fix that somewhat. Agree about needing some sparkle there. With my Yorkville monitors, I should now get better results mixing.

O’dcha, was recorded with a Yamaha AG Stomp preamp, as was Anim Zemiros. So while it doesn’t get an A for recording purist methods (the purists would say always record anacoustic guitar with mics), the sound quality is better and the recording level was boosted on these. Those are really nice units. I just used it in a live perfomance and received some nice compliments on the sound.

O’dcha, loosly translated means "I thank you (G-d) for the hardships you put me through, and how you delivered me. This was from God, it is amazing to us"

That was a shaker that kicked in on all those songs. On some I added dumbek. Thanks for noticing the percussion efforts. I am a drummer first and foremost and a guitarist only sort of.

I’ve got a bunch more that I’ll be working on when I can… if there only was more time.