Linplug RMII drum sample player

Problems with CPU usage


Oh, I’m glad this board is back!

Ok, I’ve just started trying out RMIII and I’m finding that, although things start out ok, the CPU usage suddenly starts climbing from a steady 30% until everything goes pearshaped; ie background tasks slow down and finally the song itself slows down.

Any ideas anyone?



your probably running too much on your computer, goto your computer’s task manager and see whats taking up all your pc usage… Also, make sure you don’t have too many sound effects running ‘live’ threw n-track. mix all effects down into the wavs…

Is it only in RMIII? Are there any volume fades? There is a situation where floating point math will cause the CPU usage to go sky high when volume is faded to near zero. Some builds of n-Tracks will do this if the volume envelope is pulled down too far, like at the end of a song during fading outs. It should be fixed in the latest builds of 3.3 and 4.0. Maybe RMIII is doing something similar.