Listening while recording

Hey guys im just starting off with this amazing software, i wanted to know if theres a way to listen what you are recording while recording…i cant seem to find a solution for this. thank you

it’s depends a lot on what you are recording…

is it audio or midi data?


…and on the settings of your sound card and external hardware

If you have just a soundcard, try looking at the Recording (in windows) settings and make sure the volumes are not muted or too low

I have possibly a more elaborate setup in that I use an external mixer. I enable the sound from the tracks to the control room (so I can listed with headphones or play through near-field monitors). If I want to introduce the sound back into the recording mix, I can so this on the mixer.

So the output of my sound card goes to the ‘Tape in’ on the mixer and the main output of the mixer goes to the card’s inputs - left and right. I control how to hand the sound on the ‘tape in’ on the mixer.

Good luck


Windows has two mixers a “record” and a “play” one. To hear your input when you record you need to have your soundcard record source presumably Line or Mic faded up and not muted in the “play” mixer, see link.


Nice tip on Cakewalk, but I couldn’t find ANY of that in Windows 7.

On each channel strip and at the bottom of the main VU meters (record and playback) there is a Green “Monitor Live Input” button. Give that a try, then get back to us.