Listening while recording

Blues Guitar

Is there a way I can setup Ntrack to play back while I’m recording through my monitor speakers?

If your soundcard doesn’t support it, you can use the LIVE button to hear it in real time. You’ll have to adjust your buffers to allow for low latency but not crash which can take some tweaking.

what kind of soundcard do you have? most allow you to hear while recording.

ok thanks. I have an audiophile 2496 and an audio buddy preamp.

sound card out goes to an old stereo,stereo has headphone jack,then ya adjust volume through windows volume control cause most likely the puter will be commin through more then yer instrument you are recording at the time.

I’m taking a blues workshop at Berkley online starting next week so I decided I’m just going to mic my amp.

Hi, The Delta panel software that comes with the audiophile is where you need to go to get control of your monitoring mix.Make hardware out 1/2 the monitor mixer then use the monitor mixer to set the levels. Your new live input signal will come in on HW in 1/2 and your previously recorded tracks should be on Wav out 1/2. Adjust faders for a suitable mix.