Live Drum Samples anyone?

Anyone got any that I can pop into manystation?

Self recorded on a real drumkit?


I have some self-recorded 1 shots I am willing to barter. A couple of cymbals, 2 slightly different bass drums, couple of toms, and snare. Might have a flam in there somewhere. Recorded @ 24/48 in WAV format.

I usually start with 5-6 empty tracks for drums and use these to build my basic drums.

I’m looking for horns/brass same format as above.

These are kind of old but still useful…

Tom used to hang around here eons ago… These are 16/44.1 samples I believe.


PS Looks like Tom’s last login here was back in January……0726396

I’m happy with my EZDrummer sample - only thing I’d like is a set of brushes without buying another upgrade pack.

I just checked Poppa… apparently I didn’t install the “Cocktail EZX” on my laptop. It comes standard with EZ Drummer I think. I KNOW it’s on my main DAW machine. Best I recall, the Cocktail kit has brushes. Check it out…


PS It may be that they don’t include the Cocktail kit anymore?

I bought mine at Sweetwater - I see the cocktail is free when you buy at toontrack.

Wonder if I could talk 'em into a freebee?

Cool - I just got the download!

edit: Won’t install - bummer


Now you can do some “lounge lizard” stuff… :laugh:

I have an old pale blue polyester suit somewhere… Bell bottomed slacks… jacket with the airplane wing lapels… I can do some shoop doobity stuff for you… :p



edit: Won't install - bummer

Eh? Well I ain't retracting my "SCHWING!"... Hmmmph!


EDIT: I went to Toontrack, logged in and went to the "User area". The downloadable file there is a "patch". You must have the Cocktail Kit installed first for the patch to run. That was not very obvious from looking at the web page!

ahhh - I don’t have cocktail - 'splains that.

You should have though Poppa. I checked the website. The Cocktail EZX is included FREE with EZ Drummer. It’s been so long ago since I installed it… I can’t remember if it was a separate install on a second CD or what… You should have it though. Check your install CD and documentation carefully.


I’ll check it. Thanks

The best real drum samples out there are Steven Slate Drums ( I am very happy with these.