Live Focal FX sequencer?

HEy guys/gal, far as I know we only got one gal…lol

I was wondering what members would suggest for live FX sequencing?

As you all know I am using a GNX4 for guitar FX which are being triggered via CC#'s on a midi file.
I have heard tale of the TC Electronic Voice Live and the Vocalist Live 4 but they seem to do both guitar and vocal, and I already have one for guitar, plus I am hoping to have a tube preamp as an option.
I love the harmony options the TC has, but am not sure if it works well without sending the guitar through, although it does say you can set the changes via midi so that may work for what I need.

This would be a pretty major investment for me but I am hoping there is something out there affordable that can change FX for vocals during songs in a sequenced manner.(mostly compressor, verb, and long echo in parts with the occasional loud speaker FX)

You guys always seem to be in the know, so perhaps someone has heard of a device I could use that I could chain off the GNX4 for vocal FX that will be triggered via midi program changes during a song.

It doesn’t necessarily have to have tube-preamp as an option I can always route the mic signal post or pre FX through a mediocre tube pre-amp for warmth.

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