Live lockup

Program crashes

I hope I’m not double-posting, but couldn’t find this one in here, so once more:

I am a new user of n-track studio 4.1.5 Build 2042, and I am still playing with buttons (dangerous, I know…) When I open the program and click on the input processing button, the program usually crashes with the typical message asking me if I want to send in a report. I also get some distortion-like sounds just prior to crash. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Ron Sheets

What are the specs of your PC?
What soundcard are you using and what drivers are you using?

Are yu able to record and playback without the LIVE button pressed?

I’ll gather all that other info up for you, but as a quick answer to your last question, yes, I can record and playback, at least on a basic level, without the button being pressed.
Ron Sheets