live midi/pc integration

possible with n?

Is there a way to set up n so that I can use a vsti and “live” and play without a large lag where there could be a theoretical live application?


you need good asio/wdm drivers with low latency and do this:

Yeah. Thanks marce. I know how to set up a vsti and stuff and run “live” (is that faq new?). But I don’t know much about soundcards. I have a SB Audigy NX, which isn’t ASIO but does have WDM. Is that better than MME? Neither one gives me a good low latency. I was wondering if there was something in a setting. I downloaded a freeware vsti host called vstseq that has fairly low latency. (still slight, but not bad. though the program has no presets, which sucks.) just curious why.



WDM. Is that better than MME

WDM is better about latency issues. MME usually is more stable, but less performance.
I believe that WDM latency can be tweaked from n-track settings, but wait from some more accurate advise from someone that use WDM. About Why? not much theory me, but ASIO and WDM has some kind of direct acces to the hardware (like DOS days) but MME not, it works trough windows.