Live recording of second track has huge delay

Why does the software present a huge (~400ms) delay when recording ? I recall not having this problem with earlier versions running on a much slower PC. I am doing the trial on this version and can record a track fine but when I try to play against my first track, each note I play has a ridiculously long delay before I hear it … every note is ~400ms late ! How can this be corrected ? BTW - The help content is TOTALY USELESS to deal with this issue and seems to assume that every thing works like an analogue recorder but it does not.

I assume you’re on Windows. Please check the video tutorials on how to setup audio devices on Windows with n-Track for optimum latency, the first one is at


Thanks Flavio,

I did spend time on getting into the issues I hit and was able to setup properly now. Works great.

I guess the frustration was the way the help files did not point out some things for me as clearly and up front as I was looking for. I now see that most important items to make the software work as intended is to have a loopback setup on earphones that provides a real time playback while recording a second track. Then just a little tiny adjustment or two is all that is needed to have it all be in synch. Second is proper buffering.

This second issue was also not that clear for a getting started quickly. It took me a bit of thinking to see how the buffering and intentional delays are needed and related. If the buffering is too low it can’t work and if the buffering is too big the delay can make it hard to resynch things. It looks like the software tries to ‘guess’ at the buffer sizes and that may be fine, however, I did find settings that worked well with less buffering and delay. The points about buffering and loopback monitors are critical to getting any good sound so I would emphasize that for beginners. I think your help files attempt to do that, but I was in a hurry last night and did not get it right away.

I guess these points about a loopback and proper buffering were lost to me in the help files at first. Perhaps a ‘quick start guide’ that focuses on these main problems a newbie will encounter would be helpful.

Thanks again. Great software ! I will be purchasing it soon.