Live recording

Interesting band

This is a recording I made of a live band (with permission of course) in stereo using a couple of Shure Microflex MX184 lavalier mics, spaced about 1 foot apart. I tried to preserve fidelity rather than going for loud in the mastering. Is is here for either direct play or download:

Wow, that is a great live recording…if only the drums had a couple of mics on them; but it is entirely satisfying to listen to. Talented people. Thanks for sharing that, Mark!

Not bad fo a couple of mics. I had to do a little eqing on the board here for playback, just a little muffled.

Yaz :)

Tom – thanks for your kind words. I would pass them on to the band, but unfortunately they got into an argument and broke up a just few hours after the recording was made.

Yaz – Regarding the muddiness issue, yeah, I know. The recording was done to minidisc (which uses lossy ATRACK compression), then played back through the minidisc analog output into my computer A/D converter, and then converted to mp3. Each step degraded the sound a little more. I did try various EQing options, but to me, on my playback system, it seems to sound “better” if I just leave it the way it is.