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windows 7

Appreciate all the previous help for a newbee here. Since wading thru a bunch of adjustments to get ntrack functional in 7, the only thing I can’t seem to get back is the ability to “live” record from my microphone, I would be happy to just be able to here myself in the headphones while adding some harmonies. Effects on the input side would be nice but that can wait. “live” button is toggled but nada in the headphones but ample volume on record VU. Is this another “evil” trait of windows 7 or am I missing something ?
Tnx in advance.

Your audio card has to be capable of producing “duplex” sound - that is, it can play and record at the same time. If you have a multi channel sound card ( you didn’t say) in the N-track preferrence > Audio you would have something like “record in” set to channels 1 -2. Play/Out would be set to Main Out or another “out” listed on your card.
the “Live” button in N_track is not the problem - that button allow you to hear what the previous take sound like when playing bacl with effect while recording a new track. In general, it can cause Lag time/ latency and can making new track out of sync.

the “Live” button in N_track is not the problem

To add to that, it could be, especially if he is pressing it for something that doesn’t need it. :p
Try it without the LIVE button pressed, try different drivers, ASIO, WMD, etc etc.
9 times out of ten when setting editing software up on a new O.S. the drivers are the issue, so it is certainly something worth looking into.

Also, make sure you are recording and playing back in the same bit, 16 bit, 24bit, etc, sometimes that will mess things up.

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